Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Time

It's been so long since we last posted...but we are alive and well! Marissa has been so busy we've even had a hard time getting her into the studio to paint, but thankfully, we had a couple of days this past week and she was able to create a few new paintings to take to her grand Opening Night at the gallery yesterday. What an event! A big "thank you" from Marissa to everyone who took the time to attend! She had the BEST time and was a perfectly gracious and loving hostess to all her guests.
Marissa has expressed, quite clearly, that she wants part of her sales to go to her orphanage. We are working with Love Without Boundaries to make this happen. KSCL will also get a portion of her sales while her items are at the gallery. They also own the chair she painted, and it will be auctioned off in December to raise funds for their organization.