Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fly, Fly Away

This should be the last night we have butterflies in our schoolroom.
We finished a unit on butterflies several weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn't time things well...if only I had thought about what I was doing instead of forging ahead...but, we finished the unit and received our teeny tiny caterpillars in the mail, watched them grow to really big and fat caterpillars, then change into chrysalides, and emerge as beautiful the cold winter!!
We've had our butterflies for a week and are now donating them to the zoo. We could keep them here, but I feel sorry for them living in our tiny habitat. We'll keep it and order more caterpillars later...when we can release them to live outside in the proper temperature!
We marveled with Marissa as we watched the miraculous changes and thought about our salvation and walk with the Lord, and also our new life when we get to Heaven. What a great learning and teaching tool in so many ways (for all of us). This is yet another example of why I love homeschooling so very much!

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