Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wisdom. It is something we all want and need more of. I love praying for wisdom in front of my daughter. I believe it tells her (not only shows her) that I feel it is important and that I really want it. I also pray for wisdom for Marissa (in front of her).

Today was a perfect example of one of our answers to pray for wisdom. While we were driving home from the grocery store, Marissa and I were talking about her loves of painting and dancing. Our discussion veered off onto the avenue of time and activities. On a side note here - Marissa has always loved jewels and jewelery - so I also told her that maybe she would also be a jewlery designer someday. I thought she would accept that compliment and agree that she had quite a few things she might consider doing as an adult. Instead, she turned quite serious and informed me that there is only so much time in a day and that she is already very busy. She said that she is very involved in dance and painting, so she just really didn't think it would be good to try designing jewelery, too.

I love that she was paying attention to what I was saying and that she logically decided that she was already at her "limit" in activities. Marissa has always been a very logical thinker. Now, since she knows I prayed about her receiving more wisdom, I need to make sure I follow-up and draw attention to the fact that God is answering our prayers and that her thoughts on activity levels are a gift of wisdom from Him.

I love watching God work. I love that Marissa sees it, too. I know when we sit down to discuss this again that she will have already thought of it. She keeps me on my toes. I love that, too.

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